Flexible and Secure Payment Solutions.

Flexible and secure payment solution that empowers institutions to accept every possible payment methods and secure their funds.

Payment of Utility fees

We assist public administrations and agencies in collecting and securing their revenues

Collection of Municipal tax

We assist municipalities in collecting and securing their revenues at low cost

Payment of School fees

We assist schools in collecting and securing their school fees

Secure Government and Municipal Payment Processing.

CAMPOST provides customized government and municipal payment services to accept payments online, over-the-phone, by text, payment app, or walk-in

Our payment solutions provide seamless integration for better accountability, faster bill collection and public funds security

At CAMPOST, we recognize that all government agencies are held to strict standards in the collection and management of public funds.
That's why, as a public financial institution, we provide digital solutions to help you collect and secure your revenues

The Solution For Accelerating Student Payments And Fees.

CAMPOST Online Payment provides every possible payment option. Your students and their parents will appreciate how easy it is to make payments or installments and you will decrease the “number of days outstanding” in accounts receivables, thus improving cash flow.

Why choose CAMPOST Online Payment.

Reliable and Secure

Keep your data safe and compliant. We provide a secure environment exceeding industry security standard – including encryption, tokenization, with availability, exceeding 99,9% uptime

Exceptional Customer Service

We provide a dedicated team for each institutional client from the start, creating consistency and in-depth understanding of your payment needs so we can help you tailor solutions and resolve issues

Flexible Solutions

With a tailorable design, you can chose payment methods, channels, branding options, reporting, and funding and settlement options

Integrated Partner Friendly.

Our #1 Priority is to provide your institution with an integrated solution, even if we’re supplementing your current software. With our easy to integrate APIs and terminal solutions, we can help you integrate the CAMPOST Online Payment platform into your current solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the questions you're probably asking yourself.

Campost Payment is primarily aimed at public institutions and companies, but we can also provide our solutions to private sector companies.

Campost Payment offers almost all the payment methods currently used in Cameroon. Including, but not limited to, Campost Money, Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money, VISA, MasterCard, etc.

They trusted Campost Payment